Is this my middle school? How will I get there?

As the year goes on, we will be communicating with families in the boundary zone for the new middle school. If you are unsure if you are within this boundary, please visit the searchable boundary locator.

  1. Type in your address in the search field. The tool will find valid addresses that match what you typed; select yours. Click Find Address.
  2. Look on the right side of the screen. You will see your current middle school zone listed and your zone for the school year 2019.

Please take a look at the Bus Eligibility Map to see if your Dorothy Hamm student will be riding a bus or walking.  Letters will be sent home in August that will share bus numbers and pick up and drop off information.  

A meeting is planned for mid-May to share plans around making sure all students arrive safely to school!  Watch for an APS SchoolTalk message from Dorothy Hamm Middle School.