Celebrating Remote Learning

Students are doing really great work during this time of school closure. Here are just a few examples from the the past week.

Week of May 26, 2020


Pre-Algebra students in 7th grade used everyday objects around their houses to include in a short video where they explained their understanding of the Pythagorean Theorem (in all right triangles, the square of the hypotenuse is equivalent to the sum of the squares of the two legs, a2+b2=c2).  They used cereal, construction paper, boxes, and had many creative ideas.  Here are two examples:

math sample photomath sample photo


Reading 6 students in Mrs. Donnelly’s class spent the month of May  engaging in self-directed inquiry. They spent time reading, questioning, researching, and finally sharing all they learned in a format of their choice. To help identify a passion, they brainstormed using these Club Headings – Travel Club, Author Study Club, Social Issue Club or Free Choice Club. They chose to represent their learning through presentations, physical creations, and /or writing. Here is the word cloud of their Passion Project topics, and here’s the Padlet to see all their amazing projects.

English work photo

Social Studies

Ms. Tuttle and Ms. Tosner have created an independent study project for students who want to take a deep dive into a particular subject of modern conflicts. Students chose a topic, created a research question, and proposed a project plan – and we are so excited to see the finished products! Discussing the topics and plans with the students has been fascinating! One student is interviewing a Japanese Internment Camp survivor; another is studying the Allied and Axis battle strategies and using a mountain climbing metaphor to explain the progression of WWII; another student is exploring the use of female spies; one student is researching the Christmas Truce of WWI; and another student is looking at the development of modern Middle Eastern borders based on the outcomes of several conflicts. We have quite the developing historians in 7th grade!


One of Ms. Casteel’s 6th grade Science students sharing how we are using the Scientific Method in Our Daily Lives.

Ms. Azzara’s class  chatted with a medical student studying to become a vascular surgeon. Students asked AMAZING questions! I’m so grateful for these professionals taking the time to help me build a virtual community in my classroom!  #askascientist Follow Ms. Azzara on Twitter to see all the work her class has been doing while at home! (@MadiTeachesSTEM)

science work photo


PE work photo

  1. On the player’s turn, he/she rolls the die and moves that many spaces.
  2. The player must complete the exorcise.
  3. If the exorcise is not completed, he/she must go back to where he/she was.
  4. First player to reach the end wins!
  5. Have fun!

Looking for a fun way to get a work out in? Try this Fitness Game created by one of our students.

Minute To Win It Challenge:
A “Minute to Win It Challenge” is a challenge to see how many times you can accomplish a task in 1 minute. Students previewed examples of “Minute To Win It FITNESS Challenges” and were then given the task to create their very own videos including a creative challenge that also incorporated some type of fitness to submit on Canvas. Several student challenges will be selected for Ms. Westcott’s DHMS Minute To Win It Challenge that will be posted to Ms. Westcott’s classes in the near future.


Ms. Seneb has been giving her students the opportunity to take on a variety of projects. In Investigating Computer Sciences, Sheel S. and Jack B. have created video games using Scratch! You can play them using these links!

Ghosts and Wizards

Ghosts and Wizards

In Computer Application and Internet Technology, students took on the challenge to make memes or a movie biography:
Gabriel G. hilariously captured the feelings of the beginning of remote learning:

photo of student work
Oliver E. told his story using iMovie.


Week of May 18, 2020


As part of their quadrilaterals review week in Geometry Intensified, students created Origami paper cranes. They used their folding to make connections to geometric theorems and properties.

paper crane paper crane


This month, DHMS 8th grade English is hosting writer-in-residence, Joseph Green! Our students are receiving virtual writing instruction from Mr. Green, creating original poetry, and then revising their work based upon feedback. What a wonderful opportunity for students to learn from a published writer!
Poems and Reflections
LMS Voice (Joseph LMS Green’s site)

Social Studies

Our 8th grade World Geography students are participating in a Project Based Learning Choice Board. Students could pick a specific region or topic and explore it through their selected interest area: book study, engineering/innovation, maker education, movie analysis, fine arts, etc.Here is Irving’s sketch as he plans out his fine arts exploration of Asian art.


And Benji’s journal response to The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind as he participates in the study of regions through movies.

image of student reply


Science 8 students applied their knowledge of atomic structure by creating a model of an atom using items at home or by creating a digital representation. Here are some of the models turned in.


In Ms. Westscott’s Class students were tasked with creating a Positivity Playlist. Students were given the option to contribute to a Positivity Playlist Discussion Board assignment.The directions are to:

  • Think of 2-3 songs (or 2-3 quotes if you aren’t into music) that have helped you to stay positive or hopeful during quarantine.
  • Include (1) the name of the song ; (2) the name of the singer/band/author; and (3) your favorite line or lyric from the song.

PE student work


Ms. Taylor has her FACS kids still working hard even if they aren’t in her amazing kitchen/workroom on the third floor!

6th grade: Since they don’t have access to our sewing machines, students are choosing one of three options.
1) They can create a tennis shoe out of a paper pattern and design it.
2) Create a no-sew bag out of a t-shirt
3) Design fabric (t-shirt) Check out the Padlet with their awesome work! (6th-grade Fabric project)

7th grade: Students are learning all the nitty gritty of doing laundry! They have to do 2 loads this week (sort, pre-treat, wash, dry, fold and put away). Check out the Padlet to see the hard work happening at home (7th Grade Laundry Challenge)
***I wish my kids had Ms. Taylor!


Week of May 11, 2020


Number sense routines continue in each of our math classes – they’ve now gone digital. Teachers have been using the Canvas discussion board to engage students in conversation about their mathematical reasoning and strategies. Below, you can see discussions in both Math 6 and Pre-Algebra 8.

math work CRemote_Learning_Math_NSR_Google_Slides


The following 7th grade students submitted their podcasts to the NPR Podcast Challenge, a national contest for students in 5th through 12th grade. They all discussed aspects of school desegregation, including the integration of Stratford Junior High.
Iris A.
Morgan B.
Ved C.
Celeste C.
Tess D.
Ryan D.
Vivian G.
Emma H.
Beckx M.
Maddie M.
Willa M.
Cecelia M.
Reese M.
Fia M.
Lola R.
Nora S.
Sienna W.

Social Studies

7th Grade American Studies students are participating in a World War I exploration where they are doing independent research on topics such as women’s roles in WWI and on the homefront, new technology, a soldier’s life, African American fighters and how they were treated, and the power of propaganda. The students are preparing a Flipgrid presentation of their findings and then participating in a virtual discussion by asking questions of their peers as they learn from one another.

Can’t have a Socratic Seminar in the classroom? No problem, Ms. Tuttle and Ms. Tosner are setting one up for you through Flipgrid! The students’ research and presentations have been very interesting – from exploring the Christmas Eve truce to the new roles of women in the military. We’re looking forward to seeing what new findings a peer’s question will bring!


In Ms. Japec’s 6th grade Science class students were tasked to create a representation for the moon phases. They were asked to include a model of each phase, the name of each phase, and the order of the phases starting with New Moon. Here is a student sample from Lilah H.

moon phases


In Ms. Metzger’s PE/Health Class: Students are completing one PE and one health assignment per week. This week the students are completing a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout created by one of their classmates or grademates. Students then complete a survey on if they liked the workout and their RPE during the workout.

8th graders are playing disease detectives learning about how diseases are spread and then finding the cause of the “zombie virus.”

7th graders are learning about the parts of the nutrition food labels and are comparing the differences between a baked potato, French fries, hash browns, and potato chips 6th graders are learning about injury prevention in situations such as riding your bike, staying home alone, and riding in the car. They are then learning about basic first aid for cuts, scrapes, nose bleeds, and bruises.


What do you do when you can’t enjoy band class every day? Ms. Ducassoux brings the band experience to you virtually through Smart Music. With Smart Music, students are self-selecting pieces of music to practice, whether it be band, rock, jazz, classical, movie, or solo pieces. They can record themselves and hear what they sound like with the rest of the band or solo accompaniment. It may not be just as fun as band class, but so many of our students are loving trying out new pieces of music and being able to still make music with a virtual band.