Counseling and Student Services

Counseling Team Photo

Mission Statement

Dorothy Hamm Middle School’s Department of Student Services will help promote equity, access and high levels of learning for all students. We provide all students with a welcoming, comprehensive program that facilitates academic and personal success, and college and career readiness through individual and group counseling, classroom lessons, and school-wide activities. We cultivate and foster appropriate student self-advocacy skills and integrity; promote partnerships between students, parents and staff; and empower students to be responsible members of our community.

Vision Statement

Dorothy Hamm Middle School students will develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful lifelong learners and globally-minded citizens capable of achieving their goals.

The school counselors believe:

  • Every student is unique and has different abilities, needs and learning styles
  • All students should take personal responsibility in the educational process
  • All students can learn and have potential to succeed
  • All students should have equal access and opportunity to counseling services
  • All students should pursue lifelong learning

The school counselors will:

  • Create a respectful, safe and supportive environment
  • Function as a professional and collaborative team
  • Establish goals that address students’ needs
  • Encourage effective communication and meaningful, positive relationships
  • Advocate for the best interest of each student
  • Continue professional development
  • Strive to follow the ASCA National Model and maintain high ethical standards