Equity and Excellence


Crystal Moore is our Equity and Excellence coordinator.

Equity and Excellence clubs at DHMS:
GSA: Gender Sexuality Alliance. The GSA is open to students of all sexual orientations and gender identity. We have students who identify as LGBTQIA as well as allies come to GSA and participate. GSA is a safe space for students to develop community amongst one another and develop programs for a more inclusive school environment.

Sisterhood: Sisterhood club members will participate in activities that promote belonging, empowerment and leadership.

For more information about the Office of Equity and Excellence, click here.


Our Identity Matters. Simply put, it's who we are. It's also how we see ourselves. Check into these shared perspectives on "Latino" Vs. "Hispanic" and grow with intention! https://t.co/lXqjeDxNb9
Published September 13, 20 10:01PM