Equity and Excellence Coordinator

Dr. KaMyka Glenn

My name is KaMyka Glenn and I am the Equity and Excellence Coordinator at Dorothy Hamm Middle School. I am new to Arlington Public Schools this school year and I am excited to become a part of the Phoenix family!

To share a little bit of my story, I received my doctorate in Educational Leadership and has a master’s degree in Secondary Special Education and Transition Services, Interdisciplinary Transition Services. With more than 15 years of experience in education, I have served as a teacher, director, transition specialist for special education, and administrator on both public, private, and nonpublic sectors. I have served a variety of student populations, including students with disabilities, incarcerated students, and students identified as “at-risk.” Most importantly, I am passionate in my efforts to support our students and faculty.

As the EEC, I serve as a part of our instructional team and I partner with all divisions of our school community to ensure that we are intentional in our efforts towards establishing and maintaining equitable opportunities for our student body. I am focused on creating safe and wide open spaces for everyone’s voices to be heard and their needs to be acknowledged.

Despite the unique journey that we have discovered, this school year, we are working to ensure that we are equipped with opportunities for growth and self-reflection as a Phoenix family. Our faculty and our families are partnering together in this so that we can all grow with the more that we know about the needs of our students. One thing we know, for sure, is that one size does NOT fit all. Our beautiful student body is unique and diverse in many ways that include race, gender identity, culture, life experiences, as well as academic ability and we acknowledge that none of these are without their unique challenges that we intend to face and embrace together!

I look forward to working with our students as I visit and participate in classes! Continue to be great on purpose and “be the change you want to see in the world.”