At-Home Enrichment and Challenge Opportunities


Enrichment Resources
APS Gifted Services – Supporting Gifted Children at home This is an extensive list of online resources across grades and content areas. You will find many of the same suggestions; however, if you have students at home in K-5 or 9-12, check this list out as my focus is more opportunities for middle school age.
Khan Academy Resources for students and parents to find challenges in various areas of math, science, and design thinking.
PBS Learning Media, Middle School Interactive lesson plans, videos, and more across several disciplines. Also some cool current event videos and quizzes.
Smithsonian Learning Lab Discover all the resources the Smithsonian has to offer as you dive deep into an interest area. Then create collections of the information you gather. Then you can share your collection or learn from others’ collections.
Mensa for Kids Lesson plans, design activities, and TED connections will provide a lot of possibilities for extensions.

TED Talks to Watch with Kids

TED Talks by Brilliant Kids and Teens

Feed your student’s curiosity. Watch with your student and inspire deep conversation, or have your student form an interest group among friends to watch and discuss specific TED Talks.
Wonderopolis Each day a new “wonder” is posted. This is a great chance for the curious learner to look into several different fun facts and have follow up resources to learn more.
CrashCourse YouTube channel that has a huge library of videos on a variety of topics and disciplines.
GeographyNow YouTube channel that has a collection of informational and fun videos about different countries around the world.
Renzulli Learning When it comes to gifted education, Joseph Renzulli is kind of a big deal! Renzulli Learning is an online interactive system that helps students develop a learning profile and then have access to helpful resources and ideas based on the individualized learning profile. You can check out the home edition of Renzulli Learning to find engaging activities for the whole family.
Virtual Field Trip Ideas and Links Bummed that you can’t travel right now? Try these virtual field trips and visit the Louvre without waiting in line! Try them out and tell me which trips are your favorite. I personally am loving some of the interactive zoo experiences.
The Gifted Guy Enrichment Check out fun videos that teach a student how to learn chess, or how to do sodoku, or how to create your own School House Rock, etc. There are a lot of fun chances to learn how to do something that stimulates your brain.
Google Arts & Culture Zoom in on famous pieces of art to learn more about the work and the artist. You can also participate in fun quizzes.
PBS Think Math Take on some real world applications of mathematics and think more deeply about how to apply that math skill you wondered “When will I use this in real life?”
NCES Kids’ Zone A Fun place to try out some statistics games, look at different schools, and even learn about different colleges with the college navigator.
You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube Always wanted to impress your friends with your Rubik’s Cube skills, but never could quite figure it out? Check out this site and learn how to be a cube master!
KenKen Puzzles! Test out your math skills, stretch your brain, and have fun! Here are KenKen puzzles for all grades.
Brilliant Try out a daily challenge!
Skill Share Creative Writing Want to develop as a creative writer? Check out this site with videos and daily tips on how to build your craft.
NASA Stem Engagement Want to check out some STEM activities? NASA has you covered! Become the next generation of explorers with NASA Education Outreach.
Try Engineering Explore different fields of engineering and activities that will challenge you with problem solving.
Smithsonian’s History Explorer An excellent place to learn more about a time, event, person, or group from history that you have been curious about.
Ken Burns In the Classroom One of the masters of documentaries! You can explore a time period in history through his documentaries and analysis of primary sources.
Extra History Interested in military history? Here is the YouTube channel for you!
National Geographic Kids National Geographic Kids is a great resource with activities, videos, and games on a variety of topics.
Dyson’s 44 Experiment Challenge Cards The Dyson foundation has put together some engineering and science challenges for kids to try. These are challenge cards with directions and explanations – easy to follow and try out!
Write. Right. Rite. Check out amazing author Jason Reynolds’ video series that helps creative writers practice their craft. Each video ends with a prompt to guide young writers in playing around with different aspects of creative writing.
Path2TJ If you’re interested in applying to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, take a look at Path2TJ. This is a non-profit organization developed by successful TJ students who want to help prospective TJ students prepare for the admissions process. This is a great site to learn more about the school and student life, and you will also find lessons to help you prepare for the admissions process.
Competition Opportunities
International Academic Competitions Daily Picture Quiz Try these daily picture quiz challenges, and then send in your answers to IAC. They will announce winners each month and send out prizes. Daily quiz challenge opportunities
Philosophy Slam Are you a deep thinker and love to discuss all topics in a philosophical way? Check out this competition. National winners are announced later in the year and receive prizes. Submission deadlines posted on site
National Singing Competitions If you are a good singer, this organization has a few different competition opportunities for you to check out. Submissions depend on competition.
Creative Communication This organization offers different writing competitions throughout the year. Competitions throughout the year – check for seasonal deadlines.
SCOPE Contests SCOPE is run by scholastic and offers several different writing contests. Entries are on a rolling basis for the contest you are entering.
PBS Global Design Squad PBS offers a design challenge for kids to try out. You upload your design and explain how it solves a problem. They usually reward stickers to most creative.
NPR Student Podcast Competition NPR invites students to create their own 3- to 12-minute podcast. This competition usually takes place in the beginning of the year. Contact me if you’re interested in participating.
3M Young Scientist Lab Challenge Film yourself solving an everyday problem with a creative solution. Submission deadlines are posted on the site.
RFK Speak Up, Sing Out Produce an original song that brings attention to a human rights issue. Submission deadlines are posted on the site.
Vocabulary Bowl! Build your vocabulary while earning points for DHMS! The Vocabulary Bowl is a national competition to see which school can master the most words. You can play word games, join vocab jams and compete against kids from all over, and you can upload your own word lists to study. The competitions takes place between October 1-April 30. If you would like to sign up, see Ms. Partington for the team join links.
NASA’s Artemis Moon Pod Essay Contest In celebration of NASA’s Artemis program, they are offering an essay contest. Students in grades 5-8 can write an essay up to 200 words that describe their fictional exploration of the moon. Selected semifinalists will be invited to represent their state or territory in a series of Artemis Explorer sessions with NASA experts. Nine finalists will travel with a parent to NASA’s Johnson Space Center next summer to learn about lunar exploration, and the national winner in each grade division will win a family trip to see the first Artemis test launch from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Godspeed and good luck! Essays must be submitted by December 17th, 2020.
Science Buddies Engineering Challenge Is your student into STEM and design challenges, check out this competition! Build a ball run out of just paper and tape. See how many seconds it takes for a ping-pong (table tennis) ball to travel from the start to the end of the paper ball run. The longer it takes and the fewer materials used, the higher your score. Finish building and testing your ball run and submit photos and your score. Give this challenge a try, and you might win one of ten $1,000 USD prizes for your school, afterschool program, a food bank, or other non-profits in your community! You can do the design challenge any time, but if you are interested in the contest, finish your tower and testing and submit photos and your score before the March 20, 2022 deadline.