Differentiation Reports

Differentiation in Action

Differentiation is the practice of learning the interests and needs of each student and then implementing strategies that help a student engage with the curriculum in a way that is authentic and provides a path for learning. There are several differentiation strategies that teachers use every day, and even the facilitation of such strategies may look different across classes due to the unique needs of each student. Many of the strategies revolve around providing opportunities for choice in product or response, facilitating open-ended discussion or responses, moving quickly from understanding to analysis or application, and utilizing flexible grouping during learning stations or workshop lessons.

So that you can see specific differentiation strategies being utilized in your student’s classes, I will post a Differentiation Report for each quarter. If you have any questions about specific strategies or classes, please contact the classroom teacher first since they are the primary deliverer of instruction. However, you are welcome to contact me for assistance, or 703-228-2929.

1st Quarter Differentiation Report

2nd Quarter Differentiation Report

3rd Quarter Differentiation Report

4th Quarter Differentiation Report