How do we prepare for remote learning?

Ensure that the APS iPad is in good working order.

  1. Update the iOS
    1. Open the Settings app
    2. Click on “General” on the left then “Software Update” on the right.
    3. If possible update the iOS on your iPad. Click “Download and Install.”
    4. You need at least 50% battery to update or be plugged in to a power source. Some of the iPads may already be up to date.
  2. Be sure the APS iPad can connect to WiFi at home. (See directions below if you cannot)
  3. Be sure the Canvas app is loaded on the iPad. (Please be aware that students can also go to in a browser on any device to login to Canvas.)
  4. Students should write down their logins and passwords in a safe place.
    1. To access Canvas and Google Drive students use their student ID number and their network password.
    2. Students should write down any other passcodes shared with them by teachers for instructional purposes.
    3. Also students should write down their iPad lock screen passcode for their iPad in case they forget!