Connecting to WiFi

Students who have trouble connecting to WiFi at home are usually having issues with the APS filter called GlobalProtect.

Did you add your home WiFi? Directions to connect the iPad to your home WiFi from Apple support are here.

If YES and you are still having problems continue….

(1) Power off and back on

  • THE FIRST THING TO TRY is to power off the iPad completely (meaning hold down the on/off button then slide to power off), wait a minute, then power up the iPad again. Once the device is on students should wait 5-10 minutes for the iPad to connect through GlobalProtect to your home WiFi. If prompted for a password in GlobalProtect then put in your unique student password then click “Sign in.” The GlobalProtect screen will turn blue and the letters “VPN” will appear on the top right corner of the home screen.

(2) The iPad still does not connect to WiFi or GlobalProtect does not connect….

A. Open the GlobalProtect app and click connect Global Protect icon

    • The app may spin for a few minutes. If the app connects successfully the GlobalProtect screen will turn blue and the letters “VPN” will appear in the upper right corner of the iPad home screen.
    • Once the iPad is on WiFi update the iOS – See #4 below

B. Check the HUB app. The APS iPad also requires students to log in to the HUB app. Hub app icon

      • Open the HUB app – The very first time you open the app you will need to click “Always Allow” or “Allow while using App”
      • If prompted, type in the Student ID number as the username
      • Enter the student password and press “Sign In” or “Next”
      • If prompted, select “I Understand” then “I Agree.”
      • Click on “This Device” then “Sync Device.” Press the home button to exit the app
      • If HUB just spins then power off the iPad (hold down the on/off button and slide to power off) wait a minute, turn on and try again.
      • Once the iPad is on WiFi update the iOS – See #4 below

C. If GlobalProtect still doesn’t connect try these tips:

      • Force quite the GlobalProtect app (double click the Home button and swipe up on the GlobalProtect app) and try again – waiting at least 5 minutes for GlobalProtect to connect.
      • Check the iPad name. Open the Settings app > General > About > Name. The name should start with the student ID. If the name does not start with the student ID please please ask a teacher to put in a tech help request. The ITC will contact Information Services to push a fix to the student iPad.
      • Forget your home network and sign in again. Open the Settings app > tap Wifi > tap the little blue circle with an “i” next to your network name > tap Forget This Network > Forget. Then sign in to your home network again.
      • If that doesn’t fix the issue, reboot the iPad (slide to power off) and try again.
      • If students continue to have issues go to the APS App Catalog and install the GlobalProtect app to refresh the app. Students may need to power off and back on the iPad once the app updates.
      • Once the iPad connects to WiFi you should see the letter “VPN” in the top right corner of the screen.
      • Once the iPad is on WiFi update the iOS – See #4 below

(3) After all the steps above My Device still doesn’t connect

  • Ask a teacher to submit a Student technology help request. We will provide support for the device. The device will be fixed by a technician or replaced.
  • Please note: APS resources can be accessed from any device including a laptop, a personal iPad or cell phone. In any browser go to and log in using the student’s credentials. 
    • To access live classes through Microsoft Teams on a laptop use the Office365 button in MyAccess in a Google Chrome browser or use the Microsoft Teams application if installed on the laptop. To access Microsoft Teams on a mobile device the app would need to be installed.

(4) If the iPad needs an iOS update or you have Wifi but your Connectivity and GobalProtect are very slow and/or glitchy……

  • Update the iOS
    1. Open the Settings app
    2. Click on “General” on the left then “Software Update” on the right.
    3. If possible update the iOS on your iPad. Click “Download and Install.” If it says “Your iPad is running the latest software update……” you do not need to update.
    4. You need at least 50% battery to update or be plugged in to a power source.
    5. You need enough space to update the iOS. If you do not you will get an error message. Please delete any photos or videos that are not needed for school.
    6. Click here for more detailed directions to update the iOS.

Why do we have GlobalProtect?

The federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires all K-12 schools to block and filter student Internet connections. GlobalProtect is the software application that APS selected to provide the required internet content filtering for the elementary, middle and high school levels. Additional information can be found on the Digital Devices FAQ page.