iPad Information for DHMS Students and Families

The Arlington Public Schools (APS) Digital Device Initiative loans digital devices to each student for their educational use both at home and at school throughout the year. Middle school students are issued an iPad, iPad case, and charger in 6th grade (or as a new student) to be used for their years in middle school. Like a textbook, these devices and accessories are the property of APS, and students are expected to keep their device, case, and charger in good working order. When students transition to high school they must return the iPad, case, and charger or APS will seek reimbursement for the loss. Students will be issued a new device in 9th grade. You can find more information here.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) 
Students are expected to follow the APS Acceptable Use Policy when using APS-provided equipment, programs, and software. At the start of each school year when students sign in to StudentVUE, students are prompted to agree to the following:

Students should understand the following expectations prior to using technology at school.

    • I agree to use APS’s technology carefully, respectfully and responsibly.
    • I will follow school and APS rules.
    • I will follow the APS Acceptable Use Policy (45-2)
    • I will protect my privacy and the privacy of others.
    • I will be safe on the Internet.
    • If I do not work safely and responsibly, I may lose my computer privileges and face additional consequences.

DHMS students are expected to show Respect, Integrity, Self-Awareness and Engagement when using Technology.


DHMS R.I.S.E. – Technology

  • Follow school rules and teacher directions when using technology
  • Keep your iPad and charger clean, dry, cool and in a safe place
  • Only use YOUR iPad and not any others
  • Keep your password to yourself
  • Immediately report inappropriate content or problems
  • Follow copyright and fair-use laws
  • You need permission to audio/video record or photograph any students or staff
  • Your family should decide and monitor how & when your device is used at home
  • Be kind to others online
  • Protect your privacy – don’t share personal information online
  • Be safe on the internet
  • Stay focused on the activities your teacher asks you to do
  • Use the iPad for school work

Ways Families Can Support Students 

  • Discuss with your child how to be a responsible and respectful user of personal devices.
  • Create a Family Media Plan
  • Monitor your student’s use of the device. Set expectations and limits for screen time at home. Avoid using devices where students sleep and charge devices in a central location at home
  • Ensure the device is properly cared for when the student is away from school.

Become familiar with your iPad

For more information on how to use your iPad see the Apple iPad User Guide.

Important features to know:

    1. Turn on, wake and unlock the iPad
    2. Open Apps
    3. Find the Settings App
    4. Adjust the Volume
    5. Charge the battery

Connect the iPad to home wi-fi

Students will need to connect the iPad to their home wi-fi network. Go to the Settings app on the iPad and find Wi-Fi on the left hand side. Tap on your home WiFi network name and if necessary enter a password. See directions here.

The following apps should be on the iPad for school. Students are expected to stay signed in to each:

Canvas icon

  • Canvas – Directions to sign in can be found here.
  • This is the online classroom app
Microsoft Teams icon

  • Microsoft Teams – Directions to sign in can be found here.
  • Used for video conferencing
Google Drive logo

  • Google Drive – Directions to sign in can be found here.
  • Students create and store their documents and files in Google Drive
StudentVue icon

  • StudentVue – Directions to sign in can be found here.
  • Students can see their grades and schedule in this app
Global Protect iconGlobalProtect – VPN that filters internet service on the iPad

Hub app icon

App Catalog icon

  • App Catalog  – portal where students find and download apps used in APS
  • Information about the App Catalog can be found at https://bit.ly/app-catalog

*If the app is NOT there please install from the app catalog and log in. (Directions on how to use the app catalog can be found here.)

Troubleshooting – If you are having issues please try:

  • Troubleshooting tips
  • Technology Guide on the DHMS website
  • iPad app tutorials: can be found here.
  • Tech help request: If after trying these tips your student still has issues with the iPad, fill out the Student Technology Help Form.
  • Using another device: if something should happen to the iPad, APS resources can be accessed from ANY device including a laptop, a personal iPad or cell phone. In any browser go to MyAccess and log in using the student’s credentials. On a mobile device students can download the apps needed and sign in using their unique APS credentials.

To watch a video of initial iPad setup watch this video (much of this has already been setup on the iPad).

We look forward to working with you this year!

Katherine Leon
Instructional Technology Coordinator