We need help using some of the tools on the APS iPad. Are there tutorials?

If you have issues with the Canvas app we recommend that students use Canvas in the Safari browser when working on the iPad. However, if the student is working on an assignment that requires students to write on a PDF, the student must use the Canvas app on the iPad.

Canvas: APS Tutorials

Canvas: DHMS Tutorials

  • Video: How to write on a PDF in the Canvas app and submit the assignment

  • Video: How to join a Canvas Conference

Microsoft Teams: How to sign in as a student on iPad

  • Students MUST sign in to the Microsoft Teams app BEFORE they click on the link in Canvas

  • Video showing this process

  • If you are having problems with the webcam or microphone in the Microsoft Teams app, open the Settings app and turn on the microphone and camera for the Teams app (see picture below)

    Microsoft Teams App Settings
    Settings for the Microsoft Teams app

For more tips, please visit the Technology tutorials page at Williamsburg Middle School.