Phoenix Flyer #12

December 2, 2020

I hope everyone had a restful Thanksgiving Break. Dorothy Hamm staff members were so excited to see students in Office Hours on Monday and classes on Tuesday!

This week you received a message from the Superintendent about the Return to School Plan for secondary students. Please see the information below; the link includes directions on how to make your selection in Synergy, as well as a video and an infographic that APS has created to help you make a decision about whether your student returns to school in-person (two days/week) or stays virtual.

Return Level 3 Instructional Delivery Method & Transportation Selection Process Key Points

  1. The Return Level 3 selection process is for students in grades 6-12, except for CTE students.
  2. The selection window is from Monday, November 30 – Monday, December 7.
  3. Families are able to select between hybrid/in-person or full-time distance learning.
  4. Only 11 students are able to ride the school bus at a time and all students will receive a health screening before boarding the school bus.
  5. All families must make a selection and there is not a default instructional delivery model option.
  6. Schools will be conducting outreach to ensure all families make their selections before the selection window closes.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out. The DHMS Admin Team is happy to support you and your Dorothy Hamm Middle School Student. Click this link for additional information found on our website.

Ellen Smith, Principal, Admin, Grade 8
Lisa Moore, Assistant Principal, Grade 6
Laurel Cerrud, Assistant Principal, Grade 7
Janae Rittenhouse, Director of Counseling Services