Phoenix Flyer #31

Dear Phoenix Families,

The Dorothy Hamm teaching staff is truly a powerhouse of passionate, committed, and expert teachers – who have stepped up to meet every challenge that has come their way, especially this year.  Thank you for caring for them during Teacher Appreciation Week with all the wellness-oriented gifts and treats: yoga, lettering, snacks, lunch – what a lovely way to celebrate an EPIC group of people.  Thank YOU for making this happen.

Last Friday found me sitting (somewhat stunned, honestly) at my daughter’s graduation from James Madison University.  Truly, she was a seventh grader just a minute ago, and we were arguing over what she was wearing!  College seemed so far away when Rebecca was in middle school.  Looking back, I wish someone had said to me then:  Do not rush these often-challenging years – relish them, make memories, and enjoy observing the growth and change that comes with adolescence.  All to soon, these wonderful kiddos will be setting their own goals and moving into the world as young adults.  After such a poignant weekend, I was delighted to return to the world of middle school.

Finally, I encourage us all (teachers, families) to make a conscious effort to help students stay positive through the end of the year.  SoL tests can be stressful for students, but I do not want it to paralyze them.  Encourage students to consider how the SoL tests will show their growth and remind them to approach the tests with a mindset of genuine curiosity – this alleviates the fear.

Please see the DHMS Website for many more details.

Wishing you all the best,
Principal, Dorothy Hamm Middle School

Testing Calendar

SoL Updates:  SoL testing season has begun. Thank you so much for supporting your students through testing this Spring.  All students will be impacted by SoL testing. Here is how:

  • On Mondays – All Teacher Office Hours are cancelled – as all teachers will be supporting SoL Testing.
  • When some students are testing in person, all virtual students should be working asynchronously between 7:50 and 10:54.  Teachers are posting assignments for students to work on independently.
  • After 10:54 students should return to their normal schedule:
    • 6th Grade – 5th Period
    • 7th Grade – Lunch
    • 8th Grade – TA
  • Virtual Students:  Virtual students are to test in the building on Mondays.  Here are a couple of reminders for Mondays:
    • For everyone’s safety, please drop and pick up students (by car) on the DHMS Driveway (on the soccer field side of the building).  We have staff at those doors ready to welcome students, take their temperature, see their green check (for the health screening), and direct them to their testing room.
    • Breakfast is available on Monday Testing Days! Students go to the cafeteria as they arrive.
    • Students will be testing in small groups with their fifth period teacher.
    • Students who ride the bus will stay until the normal bus pick up time (2:45) – and will be served lunch, given recess/break time, as well as some independent homework time.
  • In-Person Students:  Students who are learning in-person will take their SoL tests when they are in the building.
    • Breakfast is available (at no cost) for all DHMS students.  Students go to the cafeteria as they arrive.
    • Students will be testing in small groups with their fifth period teacher.
    • Once testing is complete at 10:54, students will return to their regular schedule.

Save the Date:  Military Road/Nelly Custis Intersection: The Arlington County Department of Environmental Services (DES) invites you to attend an Open House meeting for further discussion of proposed safety improvements at the intersection of Military Road and Nelly Custis:

  • Date:     Thursday, June 10th
  • Time:     6:30 pm
  • Location: Online (internet link will be sent prior to the meeting) DES staff will make the presentation available on the project website after the meeting.

Upcoming Events:

  • 5/17 – Fully Virtual Students 6th and 7th grade Math Tests, in person (see DHMS Website for additional testing dates)
  • 5/26 – 7:00 PM – Spring Virtual Chorus Concert
  • 6/8 – 7:00 PM – Spring Virtual Band Concert
  • 6/10 – 7:00 – Spring Orchestra Concert, on the DHMS Plaza
  • 6/11 – 4:00 – Virtual Unveiling Ceremony for the DHMS Historical Panels
  • 6/17 – Grade 8 Promotion
  • 6/18 – Early Release Day – Last Day of School