Phoenix Flyer #5

September 21, 2020

Good morning, Phoenix Families!  The DHMS Team sends you greetings. Just four items this morning:

  • Back to School Night is tomorrow – Tuesday, September 22, at 6:30 PM
    • Please have your DHMS student open their TA Class Meeting for you at 6:25
    • The Admin presentation will begin at 6:40 PM, followed by a TA Teacher live presentation
    • All class presentations will be available on the DHMS website along with teacher syllabi.  Enjoy at your leisure.
  • Distribution of Materials:
    • Library books that students have placed on hold are available Mondays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM. Please come to Entrance #1 (by the bus loop) to pick up your books.
    • English/Reading Books that teachers are lending to students are also available. Please check with your student to see if the English or Reading teacher is distributing this week.
    • World Language Workbooks/materials will be available this week, Monday and Thursday from 3-5 PM.  Please come to Entrance #1 (by the bus loop)
    • Monday, September 28, 7 AM – 5 PM – Supplies for every DHMS student!
      • We will distribute the APS supplies that have been ordered for EVERY APS student.  That distribution will include art, PE, and basic supplies.
      • Art and Career/Tech Education Teachers will have supplies available, as well.  Look for an email directly to you if this applies.
  • Regular Parent Chats:
    • Join DHMS Staff Members on Fridays in September from 8-9 AM for our Coffee Chats. This is an opportunity to ask questions, interact with the team, and share insights.
  • Beginning of Year Testing:
    • Please help your student create a successful test environment that is quiet and free from distraction.
    • Please do not assist your child while testing. The tests are adaptive, and any assistance will impact the validity of the results. Without valid results, teachers will not be able to use the data gathered to best support students’ academic needs.
    • Please ensure that tests are not viewed or taken by anyone other than the student.
    • Students are expected to read all test content materials on their own, without assistance.  If they ask for help, encourage them to do their best.
    • The Math Inventory (MI) and Reading Inventory (RI) test scores are not recorded in the gradebook; however, teachers do use them to track student understanding of the concepts and growth over the year.  Students will take these assessments multiple times over the course of the year.