Phoenix Flyer #11


Dear DHMS Families,

I hope you have enjoyed a safe and relaxing winter break. The DHMS Team joins me in wishing you a Happy New Year! Just a short message before the kids return tomorrow – with some things to keep in mind:

  • Safety: This new Covid variant impacted many of us during the winter break.  It will likely continue to do so over the next few weeks. My guidance –
    • Please don’t send your child to school if they are experiencing any symptoms.
    • Complete the Qualtrics screener daily.
    • Register your child for weekly in-school testing (or re-register them – APS has a new vendor)
    • Remind your student to wear their mask correctly and consistently for everyone’s safety.
    • Expect your student to be outside – they should dress appropriately for the weather. We will continue to wait outside in the morning before school, eat outside as much as possible, and hold PE classes outside.
  • Masks – students must wear them except when they are outside or eating lunch. Kids have a hard time keeping the blue medical masks over their noses. I recommend the N95, as it comfortably covers both the nose and mouth and leaves space for jaw movement.  Please send extra masks to school with your kiddos – you have no idea how many we have given away already.
  • Cell Phones – tomorrow begins our new policy – cell phones are to be in lockers (off and away). Students will be asked to put their cell phone in their locker the first time a staff member sees it.  If this is a repeated occurrence, the main office will hold onto phones until the end of the day.
  • Being on Time is an important skill for our students. Our school day begins at 7:50 – and TA is possibly the most important part of a student’s day. Please remember that the DHMS Driveway gate closes at 7:46 – any student arriving by car after that should be dropped at the bus loop.  If a student is dropped after 7:50, they will spend some time after school developing a time management plan or contract.
  • School Buses are for assigned bus riders – no additional passengers can be taken on a bus.

As a final thought – beginning this new year – we totally depend on the collaboration with our parent community to ensure that our students are safe, making good decisions, and learning from their mistakes.  Thanks to all parents for staying in contact with the DHMS Team about things that worry you. It does take a village to support middle school students, especially. I want students to know and trust that parents and staff members are a team working for their success. Please stay in touch.

Ellen Smith, DHMS Principal