Phoenix Flyer #12


Dear Phoenix Families,

I have been so delighted to see your students back on campus, visiting with friends, engaging with their teachers, and focused on learning. I stopped into almost every TA last week to say hello and remind students about our reset expectations for cell phones, mask wearing, and bus riding (see January 2nd Phoenix Flyer)! Our students have been very positive about these reminders – and they have expressed understanding that the goal of these guidelines is to keep everyone safe. I do appreciate your help with this!

This week’s Phoenix Flyer includes some things to talk to your middle school student about, some upcoming events, and some guidance about drivers/pedestrian actions.

  • Course Information Sessions: Counselors will be presenting Course Information Sessions on Thursday, January 27th at 6:30 PM.  Please join these virtual sessions with your student’s grade level counselor to learn about the academic planning process, required and elective classes for the next grade level, and the timeline for submitting course requests.  I recommend that your student attend as well.  These sessions will be recorded and posted on the DHMS Website.
  • Mask distribution:  The Superintendent has purchased KN95 masks for every student.  These will be distributed in TA on Tuesday, 1/18.  The safest masks should fit gently, but tightly, around the student’s nose and mouth.
  • Monitor your child’s social media accounts:   Students are using social media to interact with each other outside of school hours and on the weekends.  Perhaps because of the (false) sense of privacy or anonymity, many students are using inappropriate and foul language in these chats, saying things to each other they would never say in person, and generally being disrespectful.  These incidences often have repercussions that play out in school.  Please talk to your student about their involvement in social media, monitor their accounts, and remind them that there is no expectation of privacy when something is posted online.
  • Safety Reminder:  Please remind students that any potential weapon or drug paraphernalia (like a knife (even a small pocketknife) or a lighter) is not allowed on school property, ever.
  • On-time arrival:  Thanks to all for making a concerted effort to get your students to school a few minutes earlier.  We have seen an improvement!  Remember, the DHMS Driveway will close at approximately 7:46 AM.  Students who arrive by car after that time should enter Door One off the bus loop!  Students who repeatedly arrive late will be asked to stay after school to create a new plan!
  • No Student Drop Off on 23rd St. or Vacation Lane: Last week we saw an increase in student drop-offs on 23rd Street (in both directions) and Vacation Lane and a number of “near misses” between cars and pedestrians.  Because there is no sidewalk on 23rd St., it is NOT a safe place to drop your students.  As well, DO NOT stop anywhere on Vacation Lane to drop off your student.  The DHMS Driveway is ideal, and Lorcom Lane has space for drivers to pull over and drop, as does Military Road.  Need a STRATEGY for drop off success?  Drop your student further away from the building.  The walk is good for them – it gets their sleepy, adolescent blood moving!