Phoenix Flyers: News from Ms. E. Smith

Phoenix Flyer #9 (March 30, 2020) Online learning, student/family support. virtual Spirit Week
Phoenix Flyer #8 (February 3, 2020) Anniversary of desegregation in APS, new semester, academic planning, upcoming events, construction updates, spotlight on Counseling staff
Phoenix Flyer #7 (January 13, 2020) New year greeting, end of quarter reminders, important dates, volunteer opportunities, and staff kudos.
Phoenix Flyer #6 (November 11, 2019) Website updates, construction, traffic safety, and front office staff
Phoenix Flyer #5 (October 14, 2019) Interim progress reports, conferences, student expectations, and more
Phoenix Flyer #4Spanish  (August 29, 2019) Transportation updates
Phoenix Flyer #3 (August 16, 2019) Transportation, staffing updates, first-day schedule, and more
Phoenix Flyer #2 (August 1, 2019) General Information: Transportation & Construction update
Phoenix Flyer #1 | Spanish (July 24, 2019) Information regarding getting to school and home safely