Beginning the Naming Process!

Stakeholders from the New Middle School are beginning the naming process.  Following the new Policy and PIPs that the school board and APS staff have developed, a committee has been selected and put forward to the School Board for approval.  The Naming Committee’s first meeting will be on September 25th at 6:30 p.m. in the HB Woodlawn cafeteria.  Here is a summary of our task:

  • Review the historical context of the building and the neighborhood;
  • Brainstorm name ideas for the building;
  • Share ideas and solicit additional suggestions with/from our communities;
  • Discuss suggested options and develop a finalist list;
  • Share finalist list with the community (if needed);
  • Gather feedback again (if needed);
  • Select the recommended name, and alternate if needed; and
  • Submit a recommendation to the Superintendent and create a presentation for the School Board.

Here are some links with background information to support our work:

If you are not on the committee but are interested in our process and/or providing feedback to guide our work, please go to the Engage with APS website for more information.