Big machines move big piles of dirt!

Here’s a recent picture of construction underway at the site.  Looking from the third floor at the former playing field, it’s hard to imagine what is going on here.  In this spot, the Turner Construction Team is in the process of putting in stormwater drainage systems, a new parking lot, a playing field, and a road that will be the new parent drop off point.  Once this phase of the work is closer to completion, the work will move to the west side of the building where an addition will be constructed, containing an auxiliary gym, a lovely entrance, a new library, a gathering space/multi-media presentation system, and more classrooms!  Before any construction, there is usually a little destruction though – demo work will begin on the west side of the building soon.  It’s been very interesting watching the talented construction workers manipulate and maneuver these massive excavators, diggers, and rollers!

construction equipment

(taken from the inside of the building–can you see the reflection in the window?)