December 11, 2019

  • The Newspaper Club has posted 2 new articles to the online Tales of the Phoenix Newspaper. One article is asking for help. We are looking for someone with artistic talent to help design the newpaper’s logo. If interested, please fill out the Logo Contest Form. The form can be found in the article found by going to the DHMS website and clicking on ACTIVITIES. The newspaper link is in the dropdown menu. Have fun reading our new articles. ALSO all are welcome to join the newspaper club. Our next meeting is Thursday, JANUARY 9th.
  • Reminder – the 6th grade Concert Band will rehearse today during Phoenix Time. Bring your instrument and music!
  • The book fair is open! Students will visit with their English or Reading class and you may also come up to the fair during TA, Phoenix Time, or lunch (after you eat). We are closed for book check out but ebooks are always available on your iPads!