February 21, 2020

  • Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the National History Bee Regional Finals: Katie H., Quinn B., Katherine B., Susanna C., Ben C., Anna F., Peter G., Charlie J., Cecelia M., Sydney N., Takanori T., Drake W., Darya W., and Benjamin T. These students have the opportunity to represent our school this Saturday at the Regional Finals Tournament and possibly move on to the National Qualifiers! If you see them in the halls to day, tell them “Good Luck and Go Phoenix!”
  • The library will be closed all day today because of testing. We will be open during TA only.
  • Congratulations to the Breath of Fresh Air Winners for this week: Nisrine B., Sydney O., and Adel A.! These students demonstrated Respect to Themselves, Respect to Others, and Respect to our Environment at Dorothy Hamm. Thank you Nisrine for being extremely organized,Thank you Sydney helping a peer by using google translate, and thank you Adel for being kind to a life skills classmate. Please come to the office and see Ms. Cerrud for your reward.
  • Today’s Black History Month contribution comes from Mrs. Ascenzi’s TA, who researched Claudette Colvin. When Claudette Colvin was riding home from school in 1955, she refused to give up her seat to a white person. She was arrested and dragged of the bus. She was only 15 years old. Even though Claudette Colvin was before Rosa Parks, Rosa Parks was chosen to be the face of the movement. They didn’t want Claudette to be the face because she was young and because she got pregnant at a young age.
  • Dorothy Hamm’s 1st musical, Dear Edwina Jr., is next weekend. If you’d like to buy tickets ahead of time, Mrs. Donnelly will be selling tickets all next week during TA in Room 129. Tickets are $10 each. There are 3 shows – Feb 28 and 29th at 7pm and Sunday, March 1 at 2pm.
  • Are you interested in going on a field trip to the African American History Museum? Through the Office of Equity and Excellence, Ms. Elliott will be taking a group of students to learn more about the rich history of African American culture on Tuesday March 3rd. Use the QR code on the TVs to fill out an interest form. If you have any questions please see Ms. Elliott.