February 26, 2020

  • Today we welcome author Erin Yun to Dorothy Hamm. She will be talking in the auditorium from 1:15-2:15pm. If you are bringing your classes, be sure to arrive promptly for this author event.
  • Don’t forget, Session 3 of our Phoenix Time Learning Seminars starts on Thursday. Make sure you know where you are going and have filled out a pass with your Home Phoenix Time Teacher. No changes will be made to seminar assignments unless requested by a teacher or parent. You can email Ms. Partington. We hope you enjoy your new seminars!
  • Do you love all things American History and think you could slay in a trivia competition? You should consider competing in the US History Bee – a national trivia competition that focuses solely on US history. If this sounds interesting, come join Ms. Partington this Thursday, February 27th in room 336, 2:30 – 3:15. We’ll talk about the competition and try out some trivia questions.
  • Dorothy Hamm’s first musical, Dear Edwina Jr., is this weekend. If you’d like to buy tickets ahead of time, Mrs. Donnelly will be selling tickets all week during TA in Room 129. Tickets are $10 each. There are 3 shows – Friday, Feb 28 and Saturday Feb. 29th at 7pm and Sunday, March 1 at 2pm.
  • Today’s Black History Month contribution comes from Mrs. Schoenbeck’s TA who researched Charlies Hamilton Houston. Houston was born to a middle class African-American family. He became the first special counsel for the NAACP. Houston helped make strategies to attack racist laws that segregated schools and racial covenants. He played majors roles in most cases about segregation that reached the Supreme Court including Brown v. Board of Education. He died on April 22, 1950 of a heart attack at the age of 54.