June 12, 2022

Dear Phoenix Families,

It is with a grateful heart that I write this last Phoenix Flyer for the 2021-2022 School Year.  I’m in awe of the growth and resilience that our Phoenix students have demonstrated this year – and I am looking forward to celebrating these wonderful young people this week!

I have a special message of thanks to our eighth-grade families this year.  Your kiddos came to DHMS to visit in the Spring of 2019 while our building was still under construction – they wore hard hats and big smiles, and they left their signatures on the wall of the new addition. They were undaunted as sixth graders – adjusting to middle school in the midst of construction traffic and challenging spaces.  Then their lives – and ours – were unbelievably changed by the onset of the pandemic – and we all shifted to virtual learning.  Thank you, families, for taking on “lead teacher” roles and collaborating with our staff to support students.Looking back, I’m so thankful for the trust and faith that you all put in the DHMS team – and the support you have provided as well. And I’m grateful that we are able to celebrate in person the wrap up of these three extremely challenging years.

To our wonderful sixth and seventh grade families – we were thrilled to have your students in person this year and look forward to seeing them continue to grow over the next few years.  Please encourage your students to read at least 60 minutes every day this summer – make sure they exercise that muscle we call the brain.  They are welcome to read anything: books, graphic novels, magazines, manga; then, ask them to talk about what they are reading with you.  Those conversations provide them the opportunity to reflect on their reading, summarize, find the main idea, and support with evidence (details) – all key skills they need to be successful.

Have your student send us a postcard this summer – I will have a bulletin board posted with a map to track where our Phoenix students are this summer!  This is a great opportunity for your students to write – and we love to hear from you! With the greatest appreciation for your support this year.