Beth Malks

B. Malks

Beth Malks teaches 6th grade Social Studies. She has taught in Arlington Public Schools for many years. In fact, Ms. Malks is a longtime resident of Arlington herself. She and her two adult children all attended Arlington Public Schools. A fun fact is that Ms. Malks’ mother was the librarian at Stratford Junior High School, the campus which is now Dorothy Hamm. Beth Malks has a B.A. from Virginia Tech and a M.Ed. from George Mason University. Prior to teaching, Ms. Malks worked at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City as an immigration consultant for a legalization program for migrant farmworkers. She also worked on two federal commissions on immigration reform. Prior to teaching at DHMS, Ms. Malks was a middle school teacher at Jefferson Middle School and an elementary Spanish teacher at Jamestown and McKinley Elementary Schools.

Virginia Tech George Mason University


  • U.S. History, Civics, and Econ
  • 6th Grade HR