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Phoenix Flyer #1 | Spanish (July 24, 2019) Information regarding getting to school and home safely.
Phoenix Flyer #2 (August 1, 2019) General Information: Transportation & Construction update.
Phoenix Flyer #3 (August 16, 2019) Transportation, staffing updates, first-day schedule, and more.


Neighborhood Route-Planning Maps


To assist DHMS students and families in planning your walking/biking commutes to and from school, APS has developed three route-planning maps, each focused on a different geographic area:

  • MAP 1: NORTH LINK TO MAP 1 includes portions or all of the following neighborhoods: Donaldson Run, Old Dominion, Dover Crystal, Riverwood, Woodmont, Cherrydale.
  • MAP 2: NORTHEAST LINK TO MAP 2 includes portions or all of the following neighborhoods: Maywood, Woodmont, Cherrydale, Donaldson Run.
  • MAP 3: SOUTH LINK TO MAP 3 includes portions or all of the following neighborhoods: Waverly Hills, Maywood, Maywood, Ballston-Virginia Square

Each map includes existing transportation features (signalized crossings, marked crosswalks, sidewalks), planned transportation features (traffic signal, SeeMe flags), and planned locations of crossing guards and DHMS staff. We are also seeking parent volunteers to be stationed at key intersections surrounding school, with locations to be identified based on DHMS community input. You know what’s best for your student and family so we encourage you to review your neighborhood map, locate the signalized crossings, marked crosswalks and other traffic features en route to school, identify the route or routes from your home to school that works best for your student, then practice walking/refining that route in the weeks leading up to school. If possible, try to walk the route during arrival and dismissal times, keeping in mind that the safest route may not be the most direct.  We have also created corresponding DHMS Community Bike Maps 1/North, 2/Northeast and 3/South based on features included in the Arlington County Bike Map.