Prep your iPad for SOLs

Please help your DHMS student prepare their iPad for spring SOL testing.

  1. iOS updated to 15.2 or above. Check-in with your DHMS student to ensure the iPad is updated to iOS 15.2 or above. TA teachers have shared this information with students. To update the iPad iOS:
  • takes 20-40 minutes
  • the iPad needs at least 50% battery to update or be plugged in to a power source.
  • the iPad needs at least 6 GB space to update the iOS. Please delete any photos or videos that are not needed for school.
  • open the Settings app
    • Click on “General” on the left then “Software Update” on the right.
    • Click “Download and Install.”
    • The iPad should update to iOS 15.2 or above.
  1. Is the iPad in working order? Please submit a student tech help request on the DHMS website for any of the following items:
  • the iPad is damaged/has a crack
  • the keyboard case is not functioning properly
  • 8th Grade only: part of the keyboard case is missing or the student did not pick up a keyboard case

We need all 8th grade iPads to be in working order for March SOLs. On the day that your student tests, please make sure they bring a fully charged iPad.