Plastic Film Recycling

The DHMS PTSA is excited to participate in the Trex Plastic Film Recycling Challenge again this year for a chance to win a Trex composite bench for our school! The competition runs until April 15, 2022, so start collecting now and spread the word!

How do you participate?

Collect and drop-off your CLEAN AND DRY plastic film bags* to one of the below locations. DHMS volunteers will collect and deliver them, and keep track of the weight of film that is donated. The plastic bags are used by Trex to make composite decking products.

DHMS Drop-off Locations:
2115 N. Quinn Street
350021st Ave North
4324 17th Street North

*What are plastic film bags?

Click here for the list of acceptable items:
Do Recycle: Plastic grocery bags, pallet wrap & stretch film, bread bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, plastic shipping envelopes, cereal bags, case overwrap.
Do Not Recycle: Snack bags, frozen food bags, foil/silver bags, cheese bags, prepackaged deli meat bags, laundry pod bags, wrappers, dog food bags, prepackaged salad bags. These go in the trash.