Sora: ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines

You can access ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines through Sora. Login information is below. You can also add your Arlington Public Library card to this app to read books from the public library. See Ms. Shanker if you need to get a free public library card. You can also send ebooks to your Kindle, if you use one.

To log into Sora, follow these directions

1. Download Sora from the App Catalog.

Sora ebook logo

2. Click “Find your school.”

Sora find your school

3. Give Sora permission to access your location.

permission to access location

4. Choose “Arlington Public Schools.”

choose Arlington Public Schools


5.  Click “Sign in using Arlington Public Schools.”

Sign into Arlington Public Schools

6. Click “Continue.”

Click Continue

7. Sign in!

Arlington Public Schools MyAccess login page

8. To add Arlington Public Library, click the down arrow next to Arlington Public Schools on the Explore page.

Add another library

9. Click “Add Library.”

add library button

10. Type in “22201” into the search bar and click on Arlington Public Library. You will need to enter your public library card number when you borrow a book.

find public library