Resource Teacher for the Gifted

Katherine Partington

Katherine Partington, M.A.
Resource Teacher for the Gifted
Dorothy Hamm Middle School
Twitter: @RTG_KatDHMS
(703) 228-2929
Rm 336


Hello, my name is Kat Partington, and I am the Resource Teacher for the Gifted (RTG) here at Dorothy Hamm Middle School. Our school’s goal is to create an environment where every student feels supported in exploring his/her potential – a place to belong and become! I support this goal as the RTG in many ways. I work closely with the faculty of DHMS to develop opportunities for differentiation and enrichment within the content area. Along with our counselors, I utilize flexible ability grouping in developing cluster classes and then work closely with those teachers in implementing differentiated instruction. I also coach teachers on various ways to utilize critical and creative thinking strategies within their content areas and provide resources that offer opportunities for higher level thinking. This collaboration continues as I plan with the teacher and offer chances for critical and creative thinking through a co-taught class or purposeful extension projects.

In addition to working with teachers inside their classrooms, I also join forces with our different teams at DHMS and support our gifted learners by sharing specific information and interest areas that may guide other teachers’ delivery of instruction. This team collaboration also provides a chance for me to constantly check in on our students and be aware of any particular challenges that I can assist with in the future. And, of course, my door is always open to any student who wants to come talk about an interest area, an idea for a passion project, a book or experience that truly affected change in his/her thinking, or current events that need exploring! My job is truly multi-dimensional, but I approach every aspect of it through my firm belief that every student needs not only academic, but also social and emotional support to explore and discover his/her full potential.

My Background –
I grew up right outside of Atlanta, Georgia and have been a curious learner since the very beginning. When I was in middle and high school, I loved arguing different points of view on current affairs, discussing various books, being a part of the band, and swimming with a year-round team. After experiencing the amazing opportunity of being a student at the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program (GHP) in communicative arts and music, I knew I wanted a career where I had the opportunity to work with gifted learners. I went on to work as a Dorm Director with GHP as I received my B.S.Ed in secondary English education at the University of Georgia. I then continued to pursue my passion as I earned my M.A. in gifted and creative education at UGA and focused my research on the social and emotional development of secondary gifted learners.

Throughout the years, I have taught high school and middle school English and social studies in the traditional classroom, as well as facilitated enrichment opportunities throughout the world. I have developed curriculum centered around experiential education for programs across the globe and have been a faculty advisor for middle school, high school, and college programs in several countries. As you can see, no matter where I am, I am happiest when I am working with students! Please never hesitate to come see me or reach out with any questions you may have.