School Supplies 2023-2024

General School Supplies:*

  • 2- or 3-inch binder – maybe an extra binder to be kept at home to replace mid-year
  • Package of dividers – at least 8
  • Packs of loose-leaf paper (multiple)
  • 2 composition notebooks (to stay at school)
  • Pencil pouch
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils – multiple packs
  • Colored pencils (pack)
  • Blue/black pens
  • Eraser
  • Dry erase markers
  • 3X3 sticky notes packs
  • Glue sticks


  • Kleenex boxes (2)
  • Clorox wipes container
  • Water bottle
  • inexpensive earbuds that work with the iPad

For the first day of school students should bring their binder, loaded with 7 dividers, loose-leaf paper, a pencil pouch with a couple of pencils, pens, and an eraser.On the first day, bring Kleenex, wipes, composition notebooks, dry erase markers, sticky notes, and glue sticks which will be collected by the TA teacher.Every student will be given a DHMS student planner (agenda) to note homework due-dates, tests and quizzes, and other important information.  Extra paper, dividers, binders, pencils, pens and colored pencils should stage at home until refills or replacements are needed.

*Your student’s team may provide an additional list when we return in August.

If you need assistance purchasing school supplies, please contact the school social worker, Christine Katcher.