Athletic Programs Offered

Fall (September – December)
Boys & Girls Soccer*
Ultimate Frisbee
Girls Basketball*

Winter (January – April)
Boys Basketball*

Spring (March – May)
Track and Field

* These teams have limited roster spots and typically require a “tryout.”

DIVE: Staff has been reviewing the participation data for the last 5 years and there has been a noticeable decline in the number of students diving at the middle school level.  Last year, some schools finished the season with less than 5 divers.  Diving is a specialized sport that requires strength, flexibility, courage and gymnastic skills.  Students can’t learn to dive during the season – there is difficulty involved.  Students would rather swim than dive since it is easier to learn to swim than learn to dive.

Dive is a sport that teaches many qualities that will extend beyond the board however there are a lot of middle school activities that can also build these skills.

This decision involved staff and administrators and we apologize that it was not publicized more effectively.