Student iPad Summer 2021 Message

Dear Phoenix,

This is Ms. Leon, the DHMS Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC).Arlington Public Schools is letting you keep your iPad for educational use over the summer to access APS learning resources. Please note that the iPad is the property of Arlington Public Schools. You and your family are responsible for the iPad. Please use the iPad for learning and take care that it is not lost or broken. (If you are leaving Arlington Public Schools turn in your iPad and charger in the school front office. Make sure your name is on the iPad and charger and sign out of iCloud.)

Here are some tips for keeping your technology safe over the summer:

  • Keep your iPad clean, dry, cool and in a safe place. Never leave it in a hot car.
  • Remove your lock screen passcode. Some students forget their lock screen passcode over the summer and the iPad becomes disabled. Remove your passcode or write it down and give it to the adults in your household.
  • Sign out of iCloud. (It increasingly causes issues on the iPads).
  • Write down your APS username and password (for Canvas and Google) and give it to the adults in your household in case you forget.
  • You must stay signed in to the HUB app and GlobalProtect app for the iPad to work properly.
  • If you have issues with your iPad click on the Technology tab on the DHMS website for support.
  • Follow the APS Acceptable Use Policy.
    • I agree to use technology carefully, respectfully and responsibly.
    • I will follow school and APS rules.
    • I will protect my privacy and the privacy of others.
    • I will be safe on the internet.
    • I will be kind to others online.