Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

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What is it? TAB is a lunchtime book club that is open to all students. School and public librarians chose over 40 newly published, buzz-worthy books which the Friends of the Arlington Public Library purchased for our library. These books are set aside to be read by TAB members. TAB usually meets twice a month with the DHMS librarian and a librarian from our local branch library.

Parents–want to know more about TAB? Read our parent letter here.

When will we meet? The next meeting will be Wednesday, October 27 during your student’s grade-level lunch. Students should bring their lunch to the library.

We have these books in our Library Catalog (Destiny Discover)! The public library also has all of the TAB books.

Here are our picks from the past two years:

DHMS Top Ten TAB Books 2019-2020
DHMS Top Ten TAB Books 2020-2021


This year’s TAB books!