Troubleshooting Guide

Please follow the basic troubleshooting tips here:

  • Update the iOS on the iPad. This will help with many issues. Directions can be found here.
  • If you are having connectivity issues see these tips on our DHMS website.
    • Often connectivity issues involve GlobalProtect, the APS filter. See these tips  and watch the video on the APS website to address issues with GlobalProtect.
  • If after following these tips there are still issues please submit a Student Technology Help Request on the DHMS website. The Instructional Technology Coordinator (ITC) will address the issue remotely, contact the teacher to help, send the student a message through Canvas, email or call the family or for more severe device issues schedule an appointment with our Information Services department at the Syphax Education Center.
  • Also note that if something should happen to the iPad, APS resources can be accessed from any device including a laptop, another iPad or cell phone. In any browser go to and log in using the student’s credentials.
    • To access live classes through Microsoft Teams on a laptop use the Office365 button in MyAccess in a Google Chrome browser or use the Microsoft Teams application if installed on the laptop. To access Microsoft Teams on a mobile device the app would need to be installed.