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Library Hours

The library is open every day at 7:30am. We close at 2:24pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The library stays open until 3:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Students can also visit the library during TA or Phoenix Time or any other time during the school day with a pass from their teacher.

Library Staff

Jenny Shanker, Librarian

Jenny Shanker

Phone: 703-228-2937
Audrey Tsai, Library Assistant Twitter: @DHMSLib

Library Policies

Our library collection is small while we are building our new library space. Therefore, we are asking students to limit their check-outs to 2 books at a time. Students may return daily (or more often!) to check out more books as they finish the ones they have. Books are due in three weeks and can be renewed for another three weeks if no other student has a hold on the book.




Dorothy Hamm Middle School Library

And this is why we (librarians) buy your books to give to our students who need them so much. https://t.co/II1NbBctga
Published November 25, 19 10:35AM