World Languages Back to School Night

First name Last name Subject Video link Syllabus
Ellen Brennan French Video link French I, French II
Susan Butler Transitional Spanish Video link Syllabus
Gisela Caballero Spanish I, Intensified; Spanish for Fluent Speakers 6th grade Video link Spanish for Fluent Speakers, Spanish I Intensified
Danielle Cortes Spanish II and Transitional Spanish Video link Spanish II, Transitional Spanish
Liz Gephardt Latin I, Latin II, Exploratory Latin Wheel Exploratory Latin, Latin I and II Exploratory Latin, Latin I, Latin II
Edgar King American Sign Language Presentation link Introduction to ASL, ASL I
Janet Luu Chinese Video link
Maysoon Salih Arabic Video link Arabic I, Arabic II
Jeremy Wintersteen Chinese Video link Syllabus
Marc Zeballos Spanish I, Spanish for Fluent Speakers I/II Video link Spanish for Fluent Speakers, Spanish I